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Amway Australasian Contact Centre

Amway New Zealand and Australia have been consolidating their business in Australia and New Zealand, to reduce the duplication of effort between the two countries, to provide a more consistent approach to their customers and to reduce costs.  Marketing and many administrative functions were consolidated to Sydney in late 2000.  In early 2001, the decision to centralise their contact centre for the region at their East Tamaki, Auckland, premises was taken. 

Amway’s aims in undertaking the project were to:

·        Provide an effective means for members and independent business owners to interact with Amway, via the telephone

·        Decrease the costs of the supporting processes by providing effective tools to contact centre agents

·        Improve staff (particularly contact centre) productivity

·        Enhance customer service provision, instilling customer satisfaction and minimising the response time for inbound caller service

·        Provide for outbound marketing campaigns

·        Improve internal communications between the contact centre and other Amway departments and external service providers.

·        Provide comprehensive and flexible management reporting

·        Provide the basis of a platform for future development

Binet Business Consulting was retained to assist in the following areas:

·        Selection of telephony and contact centre hardware and infrastructure at both Auckland and Sydney

·        Selection of a cost-effective private network to deliver calls to New Zealand

·        Business Process Management and Design, to document existing and new processes

·        Design of automated workflow and escalation systems

·        Selection of a knowledge management tool and management of the knowledge collection process.

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